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Chamolari 2 trekking and visit Paro, Punakha and Timphu

I, my wife and 3 friends, did the Chamolari 2 trekking between 12 and 17 October, with Mr. Jamyang as a guide and his team consisting of a chef, 4 boys and a horseman with 8 horses.
The behavior and professionalism of the group has been exemplary in every situation. All of them always available and ready to prevent all our wishes and also preparing a cake cooked to the field to celebrate my birthday.
At the end of the trek, we visited the cities of Paro, Punakha and Timphu, with temples, markets and fortesses of greatest interest.
Even in this situation, completely different from that of trekking, our guide Jam has always been up to the situation, accompanying us in various places, presenting Bhutanese culture and responding to all our curiosities about Buddhism, how it works their company and more.
In conclusion, I can only confirm the goodness of the choice I made by referring to Gawaling for organizing our stay in Bhutan.
Thanks to Tshewang, Jamyang and all other companions.