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On the tenth day of different months, people celebrate a Buddhist mask dance festival called Tshechu in different parts of the country in honor of Guru Padmasambhava, a great Indian saint, who contributed enormously to the diffusion of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan around 800 AD.

The Tshechus are held in almost every district attracting hundreds of Bhutanese people in a spirit of festivity, celebration and deep faith. The Tshechus have deep spiritual meanings, and Buddhist practitioners perceive a symbolic connection between dancers and spectators. The faithful can feel the spiritual powers evoked by the dancers dressed in elaborate, often ancient, costumes, masks and headgear. Apart from monk dancers, community folk dancers and singers also perform during the Tshechus. The Bhutanese people consider it a blessing to be able to watch the dances.

The Tshechu is a religious festival and by attending it, it is believed one gains merits. During the Tshechus thousands of people come to witness Tshechu wearing best dress and ornaments. They offer prayer and receive blessing. Most dances are spiritual where good triumphs over evils.

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