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Bhutan is known for it pristine environment, rich culture, and scenic beauty. The country has 72.5% of the total area under forest cover and out of this 26% falls under the national parks. This provides a lot of great trekking opportunities. Trekking in this part of Himalayas is one of the most wonderful experiences a visitor can have. The vegetation ranges from the dense sub-tropical jungles to the alpine shrubs, endowed with a wide variety of plant and animal species. The area is thinly populated with just 13 people per square miles and a visitor can walk for several days without seeing a village. Bhutan is one of the most special and uncommon destination for tourists with its beautiful landscape, unique architecture, magnificent dzongs, snow clad mountains, and a friendly people that leaves a memorable impression on the visitors.

We offer individual or group trek, consisting of either a walk through countryside at lower altitude, or expedition on mountains. The trails are clean and unspoiled. Western and Central Bhutan have the most challenging trekking routes along our Himalayan Mountains. There are many easy trekking routes passing through beautiful villages, monasteries and forests, which are home to a variety of plants, flowers, animals, birds and butterflies. Trekkers are accompanied by our experienced trekking guides, staff, cook, and horsemen. All necessary camping equipment and food preparation is provided by us. Pack ponies will be available for carrying baggage, and yaks at high altitudes. A trekking day usually consists of five to six hours walking.

We also ensure that the trek support staff walk ahead of the group each day to set the camp before the group arrives. A warm cup of tea or coffee waiting in the dining tent is the most welcome treat after long hours of walking. All meals are carefully planned and breakfast is always hot, and dinner includes a choice of at least four dishes. Gawaling Tours takes every care to ensure the safety and comfort of trekkers.

As the trekking can crossover 3,000 meters, altitude sickness can be a serious problem; thus, visitors who are not physically fit, and not acclimatized and prone to altitude sickness are advised not to trek. If you are not used to high altitudes, it is good to start slowly and give yourself a time to acclimatize.

We offer treks, which are both strenuous and moderate covering the central and northern parts of the country. Each trek has its own beauty.

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